Our Practice

Finding physical therapy that provides real healing is not easy. Even harder to find is treatment that both works and is delivered in a private, relaxing setting by people who really care about your health. We offer something that is a rarity these days: more quality one-on-one time during every visit. It’s the kind of attentive care we believe our patients deserve.

Our approach to your care is unique.

The Center for Physical Health was founded in 1992 by a diverse yet like-minded team of health practitioners who shared a pioneering vision; to create a place for healing, health and fitness that would treat the whole person – not merely their symptoms. When founded, The Center was the first clinic in Los Angeles to combine advanced Physical Therapy treatment with The Feldenkrais Method®.

Today we offer integrative treatment focused on your needs – the very highest quality Physical Therapy along with The Feldenkrais Method®, TRX® Suspension and RIP Training, Yoga Therapy, Pilates Exercise, and various forms of massage, all tailored to your personal needs.

We get results when others have not.

Many of our patients have come to us after treatment elsewhere without success, or with chronic conditions that made them feel they will never find relief. Time and again, they have been amazed at the results they experience at the Center for Physical Health – a quality of life and health they never dreamed possible.

Your goal: living a pain-free life.

Is ours as well. Each session, you will work with a highly trained practitioner who has the same goal that you do – finding the path to optimal recovery.