Lindsay Doering DPT

I grew up in a small town in Kentucky and moved to the West Coast when I began my physical therapy career. I have had the opportunity to experience a variety of healing modalities as a physical therapist. I’ve worked with highly-skilled professionals in the field of joint replacement, expanded my creativity in aquatic therapy, explored the world of pediatrics, enjoyed serving as an ergonomic educator in hospitals and expanded my knowledge in Pilates. I love to play in the ocean, hike in the mountains, help others, connect with friends and move my body through dance, yoga, Pilates and cycling.

Throughout my physical therapy career and personal challenges, I have learned the importance of well-being and how much it affects the quality of my life and those around me. I have struggled with being able to integrate my body, mind and spirit while navigating my whole self in the world. For many years my body, mind and spirit moved in fragmented pieces, causing me to feel very disconnected from myself and the world around me. Sensitizing my own body has also made a profound impact on being able to tune into the needs of my patients. I feel blessed to be working with the highly skilled practitioners at the Center for Physical Health and look forward to helping you move forward with your whole self.