Marc Pierre Owner, MS, PT, CLT, Ergonomic Specialist

As often happens in life, an unexpected occurrence can change the course of one’s life. I was a university student majoring in chemistry, when the summer before my senior year I experienced a major trauma. I sustained fractures of the hip, pelvis, ribs, elbow and vertebrae, and a collapsed lung and spent two months in the hospital. My first experience with physical therapy came as a result of this drastic and overwhelming event.

The kind skillful care and supportive guidance of physical therapists got me through the difficulty of learning to walk again, the embarrassment of having to stand in the back of the classroom because it was too painful to sit, and the challenge of redefining my body and myself.

It took a full year for the pain that consumed my life to subside. As the pain eased, I realized that I had gained enormous respect and admiration for the professionals who made that possible. After graduation, I took a year off to decide if being in the medical profession and working with people was truly the right direction for me. I worked as a hospital aide and drove a van for disabled people. And by the end of that year, I was more determined than ever to become a physical therapist.

I went on to pursue a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy at the University of Southern California.  I then began my career at Nashville General Hospital and within two years went on to become their Director of Rehabilitation Services.

From there I worked in skilled nursing facilities, home health programs, physician offices and private practice, all the while dreaming of a setting that embodied the highest possible level of patient care based on my own transformative experience. In 1994, I found that at the Center for Physical Health.

Prevention of accumulative work environment trauma has also been an important focus of my work at the Center. I have always had a special interest in the problems associated with inappropriate relationships between workers and their environment. Based on my professional expertise as a physical therapist and extensive personal experience, I have developed a unique ergonomic subspecialty I call Thergonomics™. My focus is to address both the ergonomic requirements of a particular workstation environment and the therapeutic needs of the individual, based on their current postural and musculoskeletal challenges.

As a Thergonomics™ consultant to individuals, professionals, celebrities and corporations for home and office, I evaluate clients’ workstation environment requirements, assist them in making optimal ergonomic decisions based on their particular physical needs and teach them, whether in pain or at risk, the principles and self-skills behind my recommendations.

As a partner at the Center, I’ve been able to forge and implement a philosophy of patient treatment that addresses the complete human being, acknowledging the emotional and psychological components to the physical manifestation of a problem and approaching their care with sensitivity and personal attention; a standard of treatment that truly distinguishes the Center. I believe this approach bonds the patient and the practitioner as a team progressing toward a good outcome. And it incorporates both education and self-help tools that can be utilized well beyond the rehabilitation experience.

I’m very proud of the level of professional expertise and the dedication of my colleagues and am excited about the benefits available to the people who entrust their care to the devoted team at the Center for Physical Health.