Melissa Stander CMT

I bring my unique blend of training and experience in Swedish massage, pre and post-natal massage, injury prevention and recovery massage, as well as energy work to the Center. My approach is also informed by grounding in body-centered Psychotherapy and Minfulness practice.

I’ve developed into a “Jill of all healing trades” due to an early and transformational discovery of the power of inner awareness, unconditional self-love and loving self-discipline as a mode toward optimal health and well-being.

I work with clients to find their path to health and to participate fully in their own healing. Along with the other fine practitioners on the client’s therapeutic team, I encourage clients to tune into their bodies and pay attention to the messages they receive. In this way, they are led by their own innate wisdom, coupled with the expertise of a team of highly trained professionals, toward lifestyle changes that will optimally support healthy well-being.

I’m delighted to join the amazing team at the Center for Physical Health.