• I chose to go to the Center for Physical Health as a result of reading the overwhelmingly positive comments that people had written on Yelp, so I had very high expectations even before going.  My expectations were exceeded in virtually every way!  Because I have a very rare autoimmune system disease (MMN) in which my peripheral nerve system does not send proper messaging to my muscles thus affecting strength, gait and balance, I met with Marc Pierre, the owner and chief physical therapist, seeking his suggestions for an alternative method of physical therapy, as the last several years of physical therapy proved to be only minimally useful.  I found Marc to be an excellent listener, very insightful and thorough (so thorough that he had me return a few hours later in the day to finish the initial meeting and diagnosis, as one hour was not sufficient.)  His demeanor was one of genuine concern and optimism that Feldenkrais treatment and, perhaps, cranio-sacral treatment might be useful for my condition.


    Unfortunately, the cranio-sacral therapist left the practice to return to Germany, but I continued with the Feldenkrais specialist, Bridget Quebodeaux, for about 12 weeks.  Bridget is an extraordinary person, both as a most competent and effective therapist and, reflecting the value system and culture of the Center, as a caring, sensitive, supportive, communicative, helpful human being.  (In fact, everyone I encountered at the Center reflected that set of values and behaviors, communicating a genuinely therapeutic, humanistic climate, a culture that I feel certain emanates from Marc’s leadership and personal style.)


    Through Feldenkrais, I am more mindful of my movement options and choices and my ability to reduce tendencies to move in inefficient, more rigid articulations (a result of compensatory, “protective” movement.)  Bridget was particularly adept at both “hands-on” treatment and suggesting assignments to do at home.  Her clarity in explaining the theories and her encouragement and support was an outstanding part of her treatment.  She was, in a word, sensational in her knowledge and skills.


    I think that what makes the Center for Physical Health stand out from other centers for physical therapy is their unwavering commitment to deliver a variety of excellent methods; a very thorough introductory and diagnostic process and treatment plan; and a sense that the entire staff is committed to your well-being and will do whatever it takes, in terms of time, attention and competent delivery of services, to improve their clients’ health.


    I wholeheartedly recommend the Center.

    Theodore Gerstl

  • Pablo Pazmiño, MD

  • I can always count on the Center for Physical Health to help even the most refractory pain. The combination of traditional physical therapy as well as Feldenkrais is extremely effective, and my patients respond very well.

    Katrina Vlachos, MD

  • Several of my patients who had given up hope of ever finding relief from their various musculoskeletal conditions have reported amazing results after switching to the Center for Physical Health.

    Rahnana Sachs, MD

  • I’m always pleased when I refer patients to the Center for Physical Health, because their one-on-one approach consistently gets such good results. I’ve been to the Center myself and experienced their work. I’m even referring my mother for rehab for a knee injury.

    Mark Ganjianpour, MD

  • The Center for Physical Health is fantastic. I trust my patients there because I know they’ll get the very best care. I even urge patients from far away to go to the Center because the results are well worth it.

    Benjamin Nikravesh, DPM

  • The professionals at the Center for Physical Health saved my left arm and shoulder! Not only do I confidently refer my patients to them, I also depend on them to provide ME with excellent and caring physical therapy. I highly recommend them as both physician and patient.

    Ernestina Saxton, MD

  • At the end of October I finished two months of intensive physical therapy with John Dillon, Bridget Quebodeaux, and Melissa Stander. My diagnosis from Dr. Mary Ambach, an X-ray and an MRI, was spinal stenosis, scoliosis, and lumbar radiculopathy. My symptoms were low back pain and a tingling sensation, and weakness down the front and back of the right leg.


    After working with the fine team, and following John’s and Bridget’s homework on a daily basis, I am much improved, and am managing pain more wisely. I am pain-free when sitting, driving, sleeping, and pedaling my exercise bike. I continue to have pain when standing more than 15 minutes and walking more than three blocks. I now can say I feel free of pain 80% to 90% of my day, and can avoid pain quickly when it starts to develop.


    I’m sending this letter to you to praise and thank John, Bridget, and Melissa, and to thank you for developing this multi-faceted approach to physical therapy. I will happily refer friends to your office who are hurting and seeking physical therapy.

    JK, Los Angeles

  • Everyone at the Center is extraordinarily professional and friendly. I hear glowing reports from clients all the time about how this is the finest Center of its kind anywhere.

    Bonnie W., Los Angeles

  • The Center for Physical Health has been my refuge throughout my pregnancy. They use an integrated approach in dealing with my body pain and in preparing me for labor. I’ve been able to stay strong and stretch using Pilates and Gyrotonic Expansion right up to my due date. I yearn for their pregnancy massages and the warm, nurturing and supportive atmosphere they provide.

    Bahar, 8 ½ months pregnant

  • My experience at the Center for Physical Health throughout my pregnancy was outstanding. [My therapist’s] massages helped ease my back and leg pain. The day before my due date, she massaged all the right pressure points and I went into labor that day. Now, after my son’s birth, I still go to the Center to make sure my body stays healthy.

    Leeor, new mom

  • I was eight and a half months pregnant when my back went out. This was a horror to me, as I didn’t want to go into labor already in pain. I saw two chiropractors who made me feel better in the moment but ultimately the discomfort came back. Then I came to [the Center for Physical Health]. She gave me a Feldenkrais treatment that was so gentle and lulling, I wasn’t sure she was actually doing anything. Then I knew. Within an hour the pain was gone. And the amazing thing was it never came back. I was so grateful. I highly recommend Feldenkrais for pregnant women, as the treatment is so deeply gentle.

    Denise, mother of Eli

  • Lymphedema in my abdomen led to a series of life threatening infections that put me in the hospital every three months. I tried getting treatment elsewhere, but was still in and out of the hospital, a vicious cycle that lasted 1 ½ years. Then I was referred to Richelle and since I began treating with her I have not been in the hospital once. Richelle and Complex Decongestive Physiotherapy saved my life. Now I’m back to work fulltime and have my life back.

    Judith, Los Angeles

  • Having Lymphedema on top of having cancer is really difficult. Being able to go to a Lymphedema therapist who is up to date on all the practices is very important. Richelle has helped me enormously. She keeps my Lymphedema under control with massage and compression. Richelle also taught me exercises and self-massage which I do every day. It’s great to know that I have a therapist I can count on.

    Lynn L., Van Nuys

  • It’s frustrating to have Lymphedema. I hate it, but it’s comforting to know I’m managing it the best way possible. I do the necessary things to care for myself, and I have a place to go when I need help.

    Helen, Los Angeles

  • I started going to the Center for degenerative disc disease and found enormous pain relief. Then I had a serious fall that activated a painful case of sciatica, tendonitis in my right shoulder and an inflamed rotator cuff. Physical Therapy, Feldenkrais, and Therapeutic Massage took my pain away. Before I went to the Center for Physical Health, I thought massage was just a luxury, a guilty pleasure, but the massage therapists there are knowledgeable and well trained, which accelerated my healing. I don’t know what I’d do without the Center.

    Elizabeth F., West Hollywood

  • Two years ago I ruptured disks in my back and for two months the pain was so intense that I could not get out of bed. It happened suddenly, seemingly without reason one minute I was fine and the next I was unable to move my body at all.
    With the help of the Center for Physical Health, I’m now fully functioning, feeling great and working out regularly. Slowly, with a learned respect for my body’s own knowledge of how to heal itself and with a combination of CranialSacral therapy, reflexology and therapeutic massage, I began to feel my injured nerves beginning to heal sending signals and intelligence to parts of my body that I had no idea were connected or communicating.


    With more time, I began to walk again, and the Center was able to gently assist my body’s own process, enabling movement and building strength through devoted physical therapy including Feldenkrais, Pilates and Gyrotonics.

    Now I run walk, swim, horseback ride just no cantering play most sports and truly feel normal again. I do have some occasional discomfort, but overall I am terrific better than I ever imagined possible. Thanks to all the physical and emotional support I received at the Center and to the tools they gave me to help myself that I use daily, I am pain-free.

    Mindy S., Los Angeles

  • Four years ago, I had a degenerative back problem and a herniated disk. I had already had one back surgery, and now they wanted to do a disk replacement. I was scheduled for surgery when a friend gave me a gift certificate for the Center for Physical Health. I met with Pat Barragan, and she explained the Feldenkrais Method to me. Her touch was so gentle; I fell asleep as I lay on the table. Pat woke me an hour later and asked me to get up slowly. The results were dramatic. Eighty percent of my pain was gone!


    I had Feldenkrais sessions two to three times a week for two weeks and then went in for my last check up with my neurosurgeon before surgery and I was able to cancel the surgery! Now I just come in once a quarter for a Feldenkrais session. I think of this as “maintenance” that keeps me out of the surgeon’s office.

    Dave M., Los Angeles

  • As a lifelong dancer, I’ve always done a lot of physical activity, but when I became a college dean I found myself sitting behind a desk a lot. I soon developed lower back pain and an alignment problem. It really hurt when I sat too long or tried to bend over, and I couldn’t go to yoga.


    I was referred to the Center and they recommended Feldenkrais. Even though the work is very subtle, it has made a tremendous difference. Feeling my entire spine relax seemed like magic. Now I’m back to normal. I don’t feel any pain, and I’m enjoying yoga again!

    Cristyne L., Santa Monica

  • After suffering a herniated disc, I was in such pain I had to be wheeled into the Center for Physical Health in a wheelchair. I literally couldn’t walk, and was told that there was a 50-50 chance I would have to undergo surgery. Once I found the Center, my recovery began almost immediately. They started me with gentle Feldenkrais therapy, and I eventually “graduated” to Pilates.


    Now I’m a faithful student in both their Yoga and Pilates classes. Although I’m almost 60, I can honestly say that I’am in better shape now than I was five years ago when I injured myself.

    Audrey C., Los Angeles

  • The Center for Physical Health is a very special place to me. After suffering with back problems for decades, a year and a half ago I had a torn disk wall. My doctor told me that I could not do any bending, exercise or even stretching for months so it could heal. As I began to improve, my doctor referred me to Marc Pierre at the Center.


    Marc was able to start me on a very gentle exercise program designed specifically to help me build strength without putting any strain on the torn disk. I’ve been able to progress on to Pilates, which has taught me how to keep my lower back in a safe and protected neutral position and has helped me strengthen core muscles. I think it’s a miracle!

    Susan B., Los Angeles

  • Despite exploring various treatments, my scoliosis first identified in 1995, had become more and more pronounced, resulting in pain, inflammation, stiffness and spasms in my back and neck. A little over a year ago, I began treatment at the Center for Physical Health. From the very first “eval” I felt I was finally in the right hands. My condition has improved dramatically.


    My posture is much better, Pilates makes me feel taller! I’m clearly stronger and more flexible and spasms are rare. Scoliosis presents a lifetime challenge, but the experience at this unique and marvelous place has given me much encouragement about the future!

    Rhona S., Studio City

  • I was really at the point where I never wanted to see another doctor or therapist, anyone white-coated, for the rest of my life [The] art of Feldenkrais gently coaxed my damaged body into believing there could be a better tomorrow – Eventually I was able to move-in different ways, More freedom of movement, less pain!


  • I can’t express enough how much the Center for Physical Health has helped me with my neurological movement disorder. The staff is sincerely caring, well trained in all aspects of therapy and concerned about my well-being. I have regularly treated with physical therapy, massage, Pilates, Gyrotonic and Feldenkrais.


    If not for these treatments, I would not be as functional and as mobile as I am today. The Center has improved my quality of life, and for that I thank you.

    Marilyn G., Los Angeles

  • A year and a half ago I had a torn disk wall. My doctor told me that I could not do any bending, exercise or even stretching for months so it could heal. As I began to improve, he referred me to Marc Pierre at The Center. Marc designed a very gentle exercise program specifically for me to help me build strength without putting any strain on the torn disk. I’ve been able to progress on to Pilates, which has taught me how to keep my lower back in a safe and protected neutral position and has helped me strengthen core muscles. I think it’s a miracle!

    Susan B., Pacific Palisades

  • Richard

  • Audra

  • I had to have surgery for an injury to my spine and then had a foot injury. The chiropractor was no help, but the Center turned me around. Physical Therapy, Pilates and Feldenkrais have brought enormous improvement. I’ve gone from pain and weakness to being pain-free, balanced and strong. The Center works!

    Mark C.