Patient Results:Feldenkrais

  • Two years ago I ruptured disks in my back and for two months the pain was so intense that I could not get out of bed. It happened suddenly, seemingly without reason one minute I was fine and the next I was unable to move my body at all.
    With the help of the Center for Physical Health, I’m now fully functioning, feeling great and working out regularly. Slowly, with a learned respect for my body’s own knowledge of how to heal itself and with a combination of CranialSacral therapy, reflexology and therapeutic massage, I began to feel my injured nerves beginning to heal sending signals and intelligence to parts of my body that I had no idea were connected or communicating.


    With more time, I began to walk again, and the Center was able to gently assist my body’s own process, enabling movement and building strength through devoted physical therapy including Feldenkrais, Pilates and Gyrotonics.

    Now I run walk, swim, horseback ride just no cantering play most sports and truly feel normal again. I do have some occasional discomfort, but overall I am terrific better than I ever imagined possible. Thanks to all the physical and emotional support I received at the Center and to the tools they gave me to help myself that I use daily, I am pain-free.

    Mindy S., Los Angeles

  • Four years ago, I had a degenerative back problem and a herniated disk. I had already had one back surgery, and now they wanted to do a disk replacement. I was scheduled for surgery when a friend gave me a gift certificate for the Center for Physical Health. I met with Pat Barragan, and she explained the Feldenkrais Method to me. Her touch was so gentle; I fell asleep as I lay on the table. Pat woke me an hour later and asked me to get up slowly. The results were dramatic. Eighty percent of my pain was gone!


    I had Feldenkrais sessions two to three times a week for two weeks and then went in for my last check up with my neurosurgeon before surgery and I was able to cancel the surgery! Now I just come in once a quarter for a Feldenkrais session. I think of this as “maintenance” that keeps me out of the surgeon’s office.

    Dave M., Los Angeles

  • As a lifelong dancer, I’ve always done a lot of physical activity, but when I became a college dean I found myself sitting behind a desk a lot. I soon developed lower back pain and an alignment problem. It really hurt when I sat too long or tried to bend over, and I couldn’t go to yoga.


    I was referred to the Center and they recommended Feldenkrais. Even though the work is very subtle, it has made a tremendous difference. Feeling my entire spine relax seemed like magic. Now I’m back to normal. I don’t feel any pain, and I’m enjoying yoga again!

    Cristyne L., Santa Monica

  • I was really at the point where I never wanted to see another doctor or therapist, anyone white-coated, for the rest of my life [The] art of Feldenkrais gently coaxed my damaged body into believing there could be a better tomorrow – Eventually I was able to move-in different ways, More freedom of movement, less pain!


  • Richard