Patient Results:Lymphedema

  • Lymphedema in my abdomen led to a series of life threatening infections that put me in the hospital every three months. I tried getting treatment elsewhere, but was still in and out of the hospital, a vicious cycle that lasted 1 ½ years. Then I was referred to Richelle and since I began treating with her I have not been in the hospital once. Richelle and Complex Decongestive Physiotherapy saved my life. Now I’m back to work fulltime and have my life back.

    Judith, Los Angeles

  • Having Lymphedema on top of having cancer is really difficult. Being able to go to a Lymphedema therapist who is up to date on all the practices is very important. Richelle has helped me enormously. She keeps my Lymphedema under control with massage and compression. Richelle also taught me exercises and self-massage which I do every day. It’s great to know that I have a therapist I can count on.

    Lynn L., Van Nuys

  • It’s frustrating to have Lymphedema. I hate it, but it’s comforting to know I’m managing it the best way possible. I do the necessary things to care for myself, and I have a place to go when I need help.

    Helen, Los Angeles