Patient Results:Pain

  • At the end of October I finished two months of intensive physical therapy with John Dillon, Bridget Quebodeaux, and Melissa Stander. My diagnosis from Dr. Mary Ambach, an X-ray and an MRI, was spinal stenosis, scoliosis, and lumbar radiculopathy. My symptoms were low back pain and a tingling sensation, and weakness down the front and back of the right leg.


    After working with the fine team, and following John’s and Bridget’s homework on a daily basis, I am much improved, and am managing pain more wisely. I am pain-free when sitting, driving, sleeping, and pedaling my exercise bike. I continue to have pain when standing more than 15 minutes and walking more than three blocks. I now can say I feel free of pain 80% to 90% of my day, and can avoid pain quickly when it starts to develop.


    I’m sending this letter to you to praise and thank John, Bridget, and Melissa, and to thank you for developing this multi-faceted approach to physical therapy. I will happily refer friends to your office who are hurting and seeking physical therapy.

    JK, Los Angeles

  • I had to have surgery for an injury to my spine and then had a foot injury. The chiropractor was no help, but the Center turned me around. Physical Therapy, Pilates and Feldenkrais have brought enormous improvement. I’ve gone from pain and weakness to being pain-free, balanced and strong. The Center works!

    Mark C.