Patient Results:Physical Therapy

  • Everyone at the Center is extraordinarily professional and friendly. I hear glowing reports from clients all the time about how this is the finest Center of its kind anywhere.

    Bonnie W., Los Angeles

  • After suffering a herniated disc, I was in such pain I had to be wheeled into the Center for Physical Health in a wheelchair. I literally couldn’t walk, and was told that there was a 50-50 chance I would have to undergo surgery. Once I found the Center, my recovery began almost immediately. They started me with gentle Feldenkrais therapy, and I eventually “graduated” to Pilates.


    Now I’m a faithful student in both their Yoga and Pilates classes. Although I’m almost 60, I can honestly say that I’am in better shape now than I was five years ago when I injured myself.

    Audrey C., Los Angeles

  • I can’t express enough how much the Center for Physical Health has helped me with my neurological movement disorder. The staff is sincerely caring, well trained in all aspects of therapy and concerned about my well-being. I have regularly treated with physical therapy, massage, Pilates, Gyrotonic and Feldenkrais.


    If not for these treatments, I would not be as functional and as mobile as I am today. The Center has improved my quality of life, and for that I thank you.

    Marilyn G., Los Angeles

  • A year and a half ago I had a torn disk wall. My doctor told me that I could not do any bending, exercise or even stretching for months so it could heal. As I began to improve, he referred me to Marc Pierre at The Center. Marc designed a very gentle exercise program specifically for me to help me build strength without putting any strain on the torn disk. I’ve been able to progress on to Pilates, which has taught me how to keep my lower back in a safe and protected neutral position and has helped me strengthen core muscles. I think it’s a miracle!

    Susan B., Pacific Palisades

  • Audra