Patient Results:Pilates

  • The Center for Physical Health is a very special place to me. After suffering with back problems for decades, a year and a half ago I had a torn disk wall. My doctor told me that I could not do any bending, exercise or even stretching for months so it could heal. As I began to improve, my doctor referred me to Marc Pierre at the Center.


    Marc was able to start me on a very gentle exercise program designed specifically to help me build strength without putting any strain on the torn disk. I’ve been able to progress on to Pilates, which has taught me how to keep my lower back in a safe and protected neutral position and has helped me strengthen core muscles. I think it’s a miracle!

    Susan B., Los Angeles

  • Despite exploring various treatments, my scoliosis first identified in 1995, had become more and more pronounced, resulting in pain, inflammation, stiffness and spasms in my back and neck. A little over a year ago, I began treatment at the Center for Physical Health. From the very first “eval” I felt I was finally in the right hands. My condition has improved dramatically.


    My posture is much better, Pilates makes me feel taller! I’m clearly stronger and more flexible and spasms are rare. Scoliosis presents a lifetime challenge, but the experience at this unique and marvelous place has given me much encouragement about the future!

    Rhona S., Studio City