Patient Results:Pregnancy Care

  • The Center for Physical Health has been my refuge throughout my pregnancy. They use an integrated approach in dealing with my body pain and in preparing me for labor. I’ve been able to stay strong and stretch using Pilates and Gyrotonic Expansion right up to my due date. I yearn for their pregnancy massages and the warm, nurturing and supportive atmosphere they provide.

    Bahar, 8 ½ months pregnant

  • My experience at the Center for Physical Health throughout my pregnancy was outstanding. [My therapist’s] massages helped ease my back and leg pain. The day before my due date, she massaged all the right pressure points and I went into labor that day. Now, after my son’s birth, I still go to the Center to make sure my body stays healthy.

    Leeor, new mom

  • I was eight and a half months pregnant when my back went out. This was a horror to me, as I didn’t want to go into labor already in pain. I saw two chiropractors who made me feel better in the moment but ultimately the discomfort came back. Then I came to [the Center for Physical Health]. She gave me a Feldenkrais treatment that was so gentle and lulling, I wasn’t sure she was actually doing anything. Then I knew. Within an hour the pain was gone. And the amazing thing was it never came back. I was so grateful. I highly recommend Feldenkrais for pregnant women, as the treatment is so deeply gentle.

    Denise, mother of Eli