Individual Exercise Program

Whether you’re recovering from a specific health problem or simply want to get fit, at the Center for Physical Health you’ll find instructors who are knowledgeable and supportive. They’re exercise professionals, trained to do more than just help you work out. With background in both fitness and healthcare, they create a program based on your unique needs and goals. Via demonstration, motivation and guidance, they help you get where you want to be.

The Center’s rehabilitation and fitness program puts an array of choices at your fingertips and allows your instructor to constantly stimulate and challenge you, as well as fine-tune your workout. We offer a complete range of Pilates equipment and the innovative TRX and Gyrotonic Expansion System®, along with Swiss Balls, foam rollers, magic circles and free weights.

Our fitness room is an intimate and uplifting environment where you can exercise in comfort and safety, while enjoying an expansive view of rolling green hills and cityscapes.

You’ll soon discover that you look forward to exercise. And when you see the progress you’re making, you’ll be more motivated than ever!