Stress and Pain Management


One of the hallmarks of the Center for Physical Health is our ability to deal with the complex issues involved in pain management. As such, we are a key resource for physicians and other clinicians who are committed to helping people in chronic or acute pain. Our model of care, with multiple therapeutic levels of expertise, meets the unique needs of people struggling through the consequences of being in chronic pain.

We help patients address the physical issues that keep their body from finding a pathway to healing by working with the central nervous system, which has been bombarded by noxious stimuli (pain signals) and has adapted, compensated and protected them while having lost touch with a healthy way to experience life.


Once the confusing prison of pain is unlocked, patients can attend to regaining movement and strength, while reorganizing how their body functions. The result is a renewed quality of life.

The professionals at the Center for Physical Health are known for our willingness and ability to address all issues associated with the experience of a painful condition. Our practice is often singled out by physicians as the place where an individual plagued by a complex pain condition can achieve relief. Doctors refer patients to us because they are confident we can deal with the intricate issues that define a painful condition and that we consistently provide multifaceted solutions to achieve real results.