Thergonomic Consulting


Now that people have spent full careers at work stations, perhaps in front of computers or in other desk-related endeavors, it is becoming evident that the work station environment can take a significant physical and emotional toll on individuals. A professional in pain from their work setting is neither content with their situation nor productive in their work.

The Center for Physical Health has developed Thergonomics™, an innovative approach to solving the complex problems that can plague someone in their work setting. Beyond traditional evaluation of the physical setup of a person’s work station and the usual recommendations to change the configuration of that environment, we provide a thorough therapeutic evaluation of the individual’s posture, movement and restrictions. Combined with personal history of injuries or health struggles, this evaluation enables us to provide personalized solutions to individual challenges.

Our expertise as rehabilitation professionals provides both individuals and employers a comprehensive consultation that addresses the work environment and any personal challenges or consequences from operating in a manner that places workers at risk for, or previously resulting in, cumulative injury.

  • For working professionals: We provide assessment, solutions, education and prevention tailored to your needs.
  • For corporations and other businesses: We provide a unique opportunity to convey caring and concern for your employees, utilizing tools that can minimize or even avert potential consequences from repetitive injuries and disability as a result of the work environment.

Thergonomic™ professional consultations are available on an individual basis or for half or full days to address multiple employer concerns. Please contact us for details and pricing options.